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The Power of Authentic Branding

with Kara Vaina

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7 lessons I learned in my first year of business

Can I just start by saying: No, not having a profitable business YET or not having paid clients YET, does not mean you are running a Hobby and not a Business. According to the Australian Government, a hobby is a pastime or leisure activity conducted in your spare time...

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A love note to my ideal client 💓

I actually have been meaning  to do this for months. This morning I truly felt connected and inspired to finally do it and I believe it deserves to be celebrated and shared. Here it goes... A love note to my ideal client 💓 Dear client & friend: I know that making...

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The Power of Imperfect Action

I have never felt comfortable taking risks if I can not clearly see the path I have to walk through to get somewhere. Having all the scenarios analysed and a plan A, B, C ... Z in case something does not go as planned, has always played a very important part of how I...

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