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“Collaboration” is one of the best kept secrets in the entrepreneurial world, mainly because there is a lot of confusion around the concept and how it really works in the business world. Colabora – Collaboration for Success is now the voice of  collaborative initiatives and the space to learn how we can create stronger communities and build a magnetic, authentic and sustainable business focused on collaboration rather than competition. We educate, support, inspire, connect and empower women with entrepreneurial and collaborative spirit to thrive through business collaboration.


The Collaboration Hub for Women in Biz is one of the collaborative solutions offered by Colabora. It was created to help women with entrepreneurial and collaborative spirit to get started in business. Through this affordable support membership site, we provide a range of online trainings, collaborative resources and tools to help female start-ups and emerging entrepreneurs to take their business off the ground. Within the Hub, we also promote a collaborative culture and a safe space for those women that may not even have a business yet but are looking to explore the entrepreneurial world because they see something bigger for themselves in the horizon.


Beatriz Guevara is a Collaboration Mentor and the founder of Colabora and the Collaboration Hub for Women in Biz. She knows from experience the financial challenges start-ups and emerging entrepreneurs face when they decide to embark on the journey of entrepreneurship so she created the Hub to provide a collaborative solution that was flexible, affordable an accessible to all those women in the very early stages of business. She understands there is so much uncertainty when you first get started in business and all you want is to explore and get a taste of the entrepreneurial world, learn new skills, build connections, ask questions and get more clarity on what your ideal business really looks like. More often than not, people start a business with a very tight budget and spending thousands of dollars in coaching programs or expensive courses is not always the best option when you do not have an income from your business yet. 

To create the Hub, Beatriz hand picked a group of heart-centred women that were willing to share their wisdom, knowledge and expertise about a variety of business topics through an online workshop, to help other women learn and up-skill themselves in different areas of businesses. She has then started to incorporate other collaborative solutions such as online co-working sessions and accountability groups to ensure members of the Hub learn, grow, stay accountable and make progress. That is how she has been able to create an affordable yet highly valuable learning space for those women in the start-up phase determined to master their business skills and take action.  The Collaboration Hub is the space for these women to explore the entrepreneurial world, build connections and find their purpose at their own pace, with an accountability buddy and support tribe on their side. 

“I do not pretend to be the ‘guru’, instead, I want to facilitate the space and provide the support and guidance to ensure we build a community that learn, grow, stay accountable, make progress and support each other throughout the self-discovery journey of entrepreneurship” – Beatriz Guevara


As a member of the Collaboration Hub you get access to:

  • +14 online exclusive workshops (and unlimited access to the recordings)
  • Fortnightly online co-working and accountability sessions to help you stay on track and identify collaboration opportunities
  • Group collaboration and coaching sessions (masterminds)
  • 24/7 access to our online collaborative community
  • Many other learning resources and collaborative solutions to help you bring your business idea to life and move your business forward.

All this for only $97 A YEAR. Yes, that is less than $10 a month !  #ThePowerOfBusinessCollaboration

Are you ready to make things happen?



And because we like to GIVE BACK, 5% of what we collect from your yearly contributions will be donated to an organisation of choice and you will help us choose which one. Giving back and paying it forward is very important for us.


“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller 

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Questions?  We have answers …

What is the Collaboration Hub for Women in Biz?

The Collaboration Hub for Women in Biz is a collaborative space for women with entrepreneurial spirit to connect with other female start-ups and business women looking to learn and grow through collaboration. Our Hub is a unique and safe space to build meaningful connections and achieve collaborative results that will help you bring your business idea to life and move your business forward.

This is not a space to promote your business in a traditional way. This is about building relationships, trust and collaborating with one another to make our entrepreneurial journey more enjoyable and meaningful.

“Be the change you want to see in the world” – Mahatma Gandhi

Why is this Hub different to other Business Sites?
  • Most Business Facebook Groups and Business Sites are for women that already have a business. In our Collaboration Hub you do not need to have a business to be part of this community. All you need is an entrepreneurial and collaborative spirit and the willingness to learn, grow and make things happen through collaboration.
  • Becoming a member of this community is completely affordable. I want to make it a “no brainer” for you and that is why you do not to pay for an “Annual Membership” to be part of our Hub. Instead, you make a Yearly Contribution of $97 (less than $10 a mont) . A yearly contribution gives you access to our monthly webinars, online co-working sessions, masterminds, discounted prices on special events and services and the opportunity to be part of a supportive community of global women that embrace collaboration.
  • We strongly believe in the power of GIVING BACK. That is why 5% of what we collect from your contributions will be donated to a Foundation/Organisation of choice at the end of the year. More details about this will be shared on our Facebook Group.
  • Our core values are RESPECT – GRATTITUDE – INTEGRITY – COLLABORATION. The women you find in this community are all sharing these values and a collaborative mindset.

You are able to see what is on for the year before making your yearly contribution. All the online workshops are on our EVENTS PAGE for you to check them out and connect with our Collaborators straightaway. You will only contribute with the Hub if you believe our webinars and events will add value to you, your journey and your business. We are sure if you find at least 2 webinars that you would like to attend, joining Our Hub will be a no brainer for you.

What does our Collaborators (speakers) get for sharing they gift with the Hub?
  • FREE access to the benefits of a Contributor for one year (until 31st January 2018)
  • Exposure to their ideal audience and demographic.
  • The opportunity to connect with their tribe without needing to create/manage a Facebook group themselves.
  • Access to a PRIVATE Facebook Group for Collaborators 2017.
  • Traffic to their business page as the link to their business page is included in the advertising and promotion of the Hub and events.
  • Their business is featured in the Collaborators section of our website (for life)
  • A chance to receive The Collaborator Award.
Who is the Collaboration Hub for Women in Biz space for?

Women with entrepreneurial and collaborative spirit willing to live a life with purpose and share their special gift with the world. You may or may not be in business at the moment but may be looking for a change.

  • If you are not in business right now, you may be looking to leave your corporate job to try something new or you may be a stay-at-home mum looking for a special project to work on and bring some income home or you may be working for someone else but have a good idea you would like to implement but are not sure where to start.
  • If you are new in business (less than 2 years), you may be struggling with something in your current business or looking to move your business forward. You may have a tight budget to spend on professional development and would like access to affordable online training, a safe learning space and meaningful business connections. You may not have much time to go to networking events but do not want to miss the opportunity to connect with your tribe, build relationships and create potential collaboration opportunities.
  • You have been in business for a while (2 years or more) and may be looking to re-connect with your tribe, get exposure to your audience, tap into international markets and identify potential collaborations that can leverage your time and budget. You believe that “collaboration” can take your business to another level and would like it to be part of your branding.
What benefits do I get as a Contributor of the Hub?

By contributing with the Hub as a paid contributor, you will have access to:

  • Our LIVE webinars to learn about relevant business topics. You can see the details of our LIVE webinars in our EVENTS PAGE
  • Significant discounts to special events and business services.
  • The opportunity to GIVE BACK and donate part of your yearly contribution to a Foundation/Organisation of choice. More details will be shared on our Private Facebook Group.
  • When our full website is up and running you will be part of the Collaboration Hub Directory.
  • The chance to learn from different business women, different personalities, different teaching/training strategies and styles before investing your money in products/programs/services.
  • Access to our unique Global Facebook Group to connect, learn and collaborate in a safe space packed with knowledge, expertise and heart centred women willing to share their gift with you.
  • The opportunity to build relationships your brand through collaboration and create meaningful connections and working. No Spam !!!
  • Access to our Facebook Lives and BONUS webinars that will happen throughout the year based on your needs and interests.
I would like to be a Collaborator (speaker) for the Hub. What do I need to do?

Expressions of Interest will be reviewed between September-October 2017. A communication will be shared with the group when the process starts. Collaborators will be selected based on the needs of the group.

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