It all comes down to these four Cs

CONNECTION with yourself and others

Being part of a group of women that share a common goal, vision, intention – and more often than not – similar values, allowsyou to reconnect with what you really want to do in your business and how you want to do it. We provide a safe space where you can just BE YOURSELF, share your thoughts and feelings without the fear of being judged or rejected, where there is no expectations of you being an expert but a contributor and space holder for others that are also there to find solutions as a collective and overcome challenges together.


CONSISTENCY without overwhelm

You can be consistent without having to show up every day on social media (I am talking specifically about FB groups). That is possible when you find accountability in your mastermind buddies. You are there together for the same reasons and intentions. You are there for each other when needed. You also sart showing up not because you MUST be visible for  people to like you or to prove yourself but because you know your contribution is valuable. 


CONFIDENCE in yourself, your skills and your self-worth

Do you ever feel so clear about where your biz is going one day and then completely lost the next day? When you connect with your mastermind buddies the confusion is gone because they simply get it. That in itself is so reassuring. Realising youthere is nothing wrong with you. You are not a failure is just part of the journey. That is an instant confidence boost. Plus your mastermind buddies are usually the ones that help you see the blind spots, find the solutions to move forward, keep themomentum going after a breakthrough. They get to know you for who you are, the real value you offer and all the gold you have to share with your clients, they become your more trusted advisors, cheerleaders and often, your most loyal clients.

It is safe to BE YOURSELF !

COLLABORATION rather than competition

When you experience the power of collaboration, your mindset shifts. You move from a scarcity mindset into an ABUNDANCE MINDSET. You start seeing the infinite possibilities around you. You start embracing your uniqueness and acknowledging there is no need to compare yourself with others because there is only one you. Your journey is yours and no one else’s. That is when you really start listening to your inner wisdom again and trust that YOUR WAY is THERIGHT WAY.  



Experience the flow and joy of showing up as who you really are instead of following someone else’s success formula

Have the confidence to trust your own wisdom, your vision, your knwoledge and your talent enough so you don’t need to compare yourself with others anymore

Feel liberated and comfortable asking for help as you know you have a trusted and genuine support network to help you see the blind spots and find solutions to your biz challenges together



Connect and build relationships with other women that get you and your business. We will be your accountability buddies, cheerleaders and biggest supporters.



If you have a particular skill that you want to improve or biz project that you want to complete, this is your safe space to experiment and master those skills so you can make progress.



We are here to help you work out the next steps to start moving foward. Let’s brainstorm ideas and give you the feedback you need to start taking massive inspired action in your business.



Use this opportunity to discuss challenges you may be facing in your biz right now with other like-minded women walking exactly the same path as you. 



Step out of your comfort zone in a safe, non-judgemental space and supportive group. I am sure you know that MAGIC happens outside our comfort zone !



Get clarity and direction in your business feeling supported every step of the way. You have a tribe of women on your side to help you see the blind spots

Meet your facilitator and mentor…

Hi, I’m Beatriz, the founder of COLABORA – Collaboration for Success

My unique gift is to create the CONNECTION and hold a safe and supportive space to help you feel inspired, empowered, aligned and confident to trust your own wisdom.

I help you feel CONFIDENT to experiment and think outside the box to find the flow in your journey as entrepreneur. I hold space for you to reconnect with yourself and others, provide the resources and ongoing mentoring to help you incorporate COLLABORATION as a mindset tool and free marketing strategy so you can grow your business SUSTAINABLY, CONSISTENTLY and in alignment with your values and your own definition of success.

I am convinced the real joy comes from our journey. Achieving our goal is just a result of the lessons we learn, the connections we make, the people we help.

How we roll?


  • Two mastermind calls a month via Zoom so you can brainstorm ideas, identify your blind spots, find solutions and get the clarity you need to implement those ideas that have been going through your head.
  • Two accountability/co-working calls a month via Zoom so you can stay connected and bounce ideas with that community of biz peeps that get you and who will connect you exactly with the right people and resources you need to move forward in your biz.
  • Walk away from each session with an accountability buddy so you can get the accountability and ongoing support you need to take consistent action in your biz feeling confident that you have a tribe of like-minded women that got your back.
  • Access to our private Facebook group 24x7 so you can get support and feedback when you need it and take action right when inspiration kicks in.


And Some Amazing Bonuses


Bonus #1 Self-Love Kit

This Self-Love Kit is made with love by Tammie Pike from Earth Radiance to support you in your journey of finding your flow. 


Bonus #2 Mini Masterclasses

Access to additional mini masterclasses with me or external speakers based on the needs of the group.


Bonus #3 Ongoing Mentoring

During those three months, I’ll get my eyes on your business or project and you will be able to pick my brain and seek my support and guidance when you need it.

Your Investment


Total Time Investment


  • 4 hours a month (2 hours every fortnightly) to attend mastermind sessions with the group.
  • 3 hours a month (1.5 hours every fortnightly) to attend our accountability/co-working session. These are optional.

Total Financial Investment

    • $695 for the term October 2018 – March 2019

    • Payment plans available

    Are you ready to create your own SUCCESS FORMULA?

    We are currently receiving applications for the next round that runs from October 2018 to March 2019.

    Contact me  to get all your questions answered, discuss your application and ensure the  group is a good fit for you.


    2018 © Colabora • Terms and Conditions 

    2018 © Colabora • Terms and Conditions