A Six Weeks Online Program that will take your business from HIDING TO SHINING 

Learn the TOOLS




Be ready to experience the MINDSET shift that will propel your business 

Business collaboration is a free marketing strategy and mindset tool for entrepreneurs that want to build a sustainable and aligned business with flow and ease

Are you finding challenging to connecT with your ideal client through social media?

Do you feel exhausted of trying to stand out from the crowd?


Have you been sharing your offers all over social media and still feeling that no one is listening?

Is the overload of offers and freebies on Facebook groups making you feel threatened, doubtful, anxious and insecure?


Are you tired of feeling everyone else is doing it better than you? 

You Are Not Alone!

Imagine a sense of easily connecting with other entrepreneurs to help you expand your network, gain support and leverage so you can position yourself as an expert in your field without having to do everything on your own.


This is what happens when you incorporate business collaboration as a marketing strategy and mindset tool in your business

About the Program…

The Collaboration for Business Success Program is designed to help service based female entrepreneurs build the foundations of a connected, authentic and sustainable business working smarter rather than harder, embracing your zone of genius and developing a resourceful and collaborative mindset of infinite possibilities

During six weeks we will work together to provide you with the knowledge, tools, connections, clarity and confidence you need to create and implement a $0 Marketing Plan tailored to your needs so you can generate more leads and attract the right clients to your business 

Each Tuesday 11.30am (starting Tue 3rd Apr) you get a 90 mins live Q&A and training with me and other experts to learn the foundations of creating a $0 Marketing Plan for your biz. The last 2 weeks of the program we’ll come together as a group (mini mastermind format) to implement what you’ve learned so you can see the results in your biz straightaway.

All calls are recorded if you can’t make one, and we have our own Facebook group to ask questions, practice, and get the ongoing support you need.

At the end of the program you will have a cleae marketing plan in place to increase your visibility and exposure and generate more leads in your biz for $0. Plus you will gain a bunch of new connections to help you leverage and move forward. 

What we will be covering… 

Here is a sneak peak of the content we will be covering during the six weeks:


Week 1

Foundations of Business Collaboration by Beatriz Guevara, Collaboration Expert & Business Mentor


Week 2

Authentic Marketing Strategies by  Danielle Gardner, Messaging & Marketing Mentor


Week 3

Practical tools to communicate with confidence by Mandy Siegel, Communication & Confidence Coach


Week 4

Legal and risk management Aspects of Collaboration by Michelle Whitehead, Creative Business Lawyer & Mentor


Week 5

Brainstorm and map out your collaboration plan and $0 marketing strategy (mastermind format facilitated by Beatriz Guevara, Collaboration Expert & Business) 


Week 6

Implement your collaboration plan and $0 marketing strategy (mastermind format facilitated by  Beatriz Guevara, Collaboration Expert & Business)   

Your Trainer and Facilitator…

Beatriz Guevara, who will be covering the priniciples of collaboration as a marketing strategy and mindset tool and facilitating the mini masterminds that will help you create and implement a tailored $0 marketing plan for your business. 

Beatriz  is a Collaboration Expert & Business Mentor, Mastermind and Workshop Facilitator. She believes that collaboration is the key to grow a sustainable business as it brings fun, flow and ease to everything you do. When you transform your mindset and understand the key to succeed is NOT TO DO IT ALONE, you start embracing your authentic self and sharing your message with confidence by simply being you. You start attracting those clients that want what you have and connect with the tribe that will help you shine. That is when you create a business of infinite possibilities.

I am convinced the real joy comes from our journey. Achieving our goal is just a result of the lessons we learn, the connections we make, the people we help.

Your Guest Speakers …

 Michelle Whitehead

Michelle Whitehead who will be covering all risk management aspects of collaborations, partnerships, joint ventures etc.

Michelle is a Creative Business Lawyer & Mentor. She believes in the value of collaborative relationships, and part of her mission is to help more collaborative relationships flourish and thrive by helping you ensure these gorgeous castles in the air are grounded on firm foundations.

Mandy Siegel

Mandy Siegel who will be teaching you practical tools to help you communicate with confidence and connect with you potential clients by speaking your true voice.  

Mandy is a Confidence & Communication Coach, Speaker and Trainer. She believes that never before has there been a better time for women in business to speak from your heart, spread your message and grow your business by being authentically YOU!

Helping you realise that your confident voice is your vehicle for change!

 Danielle Gardner

Danielle Gardner who will be sharing her golden nuggets to help you connect with your audience in a more authentic way and attract not just any clients but the right clients. 

Danielle is a Messaging & Marketing Mentor. She believes that you don’t have to be extrovertred and make bold flashy claims to attract business. You can market ‘quietly’ and meaningfully, and in doing so draw in likeminded clients that you will love working with. Danielle’s approach to marketing is refreshingly different and has a strong appeal with those who identify as being introverted, empathic and heart-centred. 

Are you ready to create a business of infinite possibilities working smarter rather than harder?

The Collaboration for Business Success Program is a Pilot program at this stage that I am taking from an off-line format to an on-line format with a few additions and tweaks.


By Joining my Six Weeks Beta Program (Pilot Program) you are a participant and a judge. You get the privilege to experience the benefits of an intimate, personalised and high quality program with local and international experts for a very affordable price. It is a thank you gift for being my beta tester!

The cost is $147 (beta program price) for the six weeks. Applications and payments will be received until 30th March.

If you want to be one of the 10 ladies that will get to experience the magic of this amazing program for the very first time, send me a private message on my facebook page or via email as soon as possible so we can then discuss your application, clarify any questions and discuss following steps.



As a Beta Tester of this program, you will get free access to the live calls (except for the weeks delivered through a mastermind format) and mini-masterclasses with the guest speakers and trainers once the program has official launched (for the first round only).


This will give you the opporunity to refresh your knowledge, expand your network even further and access the updated/polished version once your feedback during the Beta Program has been processed and incorporated into the final version!

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2018 © Colabora • Terms and Conditions