Kara Vaina

Kara Vaina

Founder of Kara Vaina & Keopha

Kara Vaina, founder of Kara Vaina & Keopha is a successful business woman who is passionate about inspiring and empowering women to live and build an Authentic Brand.

A love of all things chocolate and shopping, Kara loves sharing all of her experiences, challenges, highs and lows of everyday business life to assist others build their brand and business. Kara is a natural born leader, mentor and supporter, inspiring women from all over the globe through workshops on Authentic Branding, Collaboration, Social Media Branding and much more.

Kara breaks down the barrier of negative self talk, mindset blocks, and what it is thats holding you back to help you communicate your Authentic Brand, your WHY and Your Story to your prospective clients/customers.

Kara’s journey started many years ago after exiting a 15 year Senior Corporate Career starting an online business with her sibling.  After selling that after three years she enjoyed some much loved mummy time with her young children. It was then she felt uninspired to head back into the corporate world and embarked on a career in Direct Sales/MLM business.  Kara thoroughly enjoyed this platform to connect with inspiring people, however she felt there was a demand for people to share their story authentically.

Whilst building her home based business she found she spent more time consulting, training, mentoring others about how to build an Authentic Brand which she was extremely passionate about……and so the real journey began.  Kara has built her business around supporting, inspiring, comforting, mentoring, predominantly women in business, small business, home based business, MLM and Direct sales and followed the journey of her clients on the path to success and breaking down barriers.

Through Kara’s business she found that women in small business and home based business felt isolated and uninspired so she launched Keopha in 2016 with its flagship product a Mindfulness Pliary….a combination of a planner and diary.  This was a product that would inspire women, help them set intentions, with healthy food recipes, meditation, reflexology, fitness and much more.

Her motto in business and life is “Everything that’s happening TO  YOU, is happening FOR YOU”.

Kara Vaina
Kara Vaina & Keopha

E: kara@karavaina.com
W: www.karavaina.com

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