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Our community is about educating, supporting, inspiring, connecting and empowering women with entrepreneurial and collaborative spirit to thrive through collaboration. 


Our core values are:





If you are transitioning from a traditional job in the corporate world to become an entrepreneur OR on maternity leave exploring the possibility of starting your own business OR in the startup phase of business looking to finally take your business off the ground, our collaborative community is for you. If you have an entrepreneurial and collaborative spirit, you are looking to learn more about the entrepreneurial world and are interested in upskilling yourself for business, you can join us and learn how collaboration can make things happen for you.



Within the Hub, we promote a collaborative culture and it is also a safe space for those women that may not even have a business yet but are looking to explore the entrepreneurial world because they see something bigger for themselves in the horizon.



We would like to introduce you to some of the stories that you may find within our Collaboration Hub.  Can you relate to any of these stories? If you do, we would like to have you on board!



Create with Flow Session $147 (90 mins)

The Create with Flow Session if you are a service based business looking for support with:


  1. Unpacking your ideal client and core message following my 5 steps process.
  2. Unpacking and mapping out your new product / service following my Create with Flow approach.
  3. Brainstorming collaboration ideas for your next course of your biz in general and mapping out your strategy.
  4. Assessing / Auditing your current business model to ensure it is sustainable and aligned to your zone of expertise and values.
  5. Brainstorming and mapping-out what I call “your customer journey” = sales funnel.


You get:

90 mins mentoring session with me for $147

Access to me via FB messenger for 2 weeks after our session for accountability purposes





Business Collaboration Session $97 (60 mins)

The Business Collaboration Session is for you if you are a service based business looking to:


  • Generate more leads for your business with a $0 marketing budget
  • Increase your visibility and exposure in the online world
  • Build your credibility and trust in an authentic way
  • Share your message and products with the right people without needing to do everything on your own
  • Grow your business with ease and flow, feeling supported every step of the way.


This option really works if you have the foundations of business collaboration which is what I teach through experiential learning in my masterminds and online programs.

This session also works if you already have a collaboration idea in mind or are already working with someone on an idea and you would like some guidance and advice about next steps to follow.


You get:

  • 60 mins mentoring session with me for $97


Meet Maria …

Maria is married, no kids and a Human Resources Consultant that loves what she does but hates working 9am till 5pm, getting stuck in traffic every day and the lack of flexibility of her full time job. She wants to start a family soon but would like to continue her career, bring an income home and also stay at home with her kids for as long as she wants. A corporate job does not seem to be an option and is proactively looking for other options.

Meet Jules …

Jules has +20 years’ experience working in corporate. She is currently a Finance Director for a big firm, has a very successful career, is getting paid a very good salary but feels something is missing. The idea of doing something on her own is something that she has been considering for a while but has not taken any action because she knows nothing about entrepreneurship and is not sure where to start.

Meet Linda …

Linda has been working in corporate for a while and has always been very enthusiastic about what she does. She goes above and beyond but feels her contributions and her work is not valued nor paid accordingly. She wonders if doing something on her own would give her more satisfaction and a better income. Most of her friends have corporate jobs and tell her that starting a business is very difficult because she needs to have lots of contacts and invest a lot of money. She wonders if that is true and would like to learn more about business and entrepreneurship to discover if this is something that she would like to explore.

Meet Sonia …

Sonia is a stay-at-home mum. She enjoys being at home with her kids but she would like to start a project or a business that allows her to bring some income home. She has some ideas in mind but needs to learn some things before getting started. She has limited budget to pay for business courses and limited time to go to networking events and that is what has been stopping her to take action.

Meet Tina …

Tina left her corporate job to stay at home with her kids. She wants to bring some income home and decided to work with a network marketing company. Since then, she has learned a lot about entrepreneurship and would like to apply the knowledge she has acquired to create her own business/product.

Meet Karen …

Karen has been running her own business very successfully for +2 years but need to leverage her time if she wants to increase her income and take her business to the next level.  Collaborating with other business owners seem to be a good option to leverage her time and budget, serve her audience better and increase her income.

If you know a woman that can relate to any of these stories, please tell her about us.  She may get a lot out of our #CollaborationHubForWomenInBiz.  You can also share our Facebook Page or ask her to sign up to our list to get a taste of what we are all about

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