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Hey there, welcome to our Resources Hub

We thought we’d share with you our people and podcast crushes  we can’t live without!

We also share here our FREE business resources and affordable collaborative solutions to facilitate your learning along your entrepreneurial journey.

As we discover more amazing resources and people, we will update this page so that you can benefit from them also. Come and visit again soon!

Let’s Talk About Business Collaboration – Our free interview series


The focus of our FREE interview series #LetsTalkAboutBusinessCollaboration is to share the real stories behind collaborative businesses to show you how business collaboration looks like in real life. We interview business owners and entrepreneurs that have built collaborative businesses to share with you the benefits, disadvantages, advantages of working in collaboration rather than competition and the key elements of effective business collaboration.

Business collaboration can be a very valuable marketing tool for those looking to grow their business, especially to start-ups and small business owners looking to leverage their time, budget and resources and to add more value to their customers/clients. Yet, “Collaboration” is one of the best kept secrets in the entrepreneurial world.

COLABORA is now the voice of collaborative businesses and innovative initiatives focused on adding real, authentic and genuine value to the world. We want to create a culture of collaboration to help small businesses leverage their time, budget and resources by educating them about the power of effective business collaboration and showing them how that looks like in real life.


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You can also access each interview of our series #LetsTalkAboutBusinessCollaboration below:

Interview # 1 – The Business Experiment #LetsTalkAboutBusinessCollaboration: In this Interview, Shevonne Joyce and Jemimah Asleigh share with us the collaboration story behind “The Business Experiment Podcast”. They share with us the good, the bad, the ugly – and everything in between – when it comes to collaborating in business.

Interview # 2 – The BizBuddyHub #LetsTalkAboutBusinessCollaboration: In this Interview, Sara Mitchell share with us the collaborative philosophy behind “The BizBuddyHub” #LiveLocal #WorkLocal #CollaborateGlobal. She also shares with us why she embraces collaboration and the importance of it to build social cohesion, sense of belonging and stronger communities.

Interview # 3 – The collaboration story behind Kara Vaina’s Authentic Branding business: In this interview Kara and Bec share with us their secrets to identifying collaboration opportunities and some of the most common and easiest ways to collaborate in business.

Interview # 4 – The power of business collaboration to connect, markt your business and master a mindset for success – with Lisa Newman-Morris, Business Strategy and Success Coach: In this interview, Lisa Newman Morris – Business Strategy and Success Coach shares some of the marketing strategies based on business collaboration that she encourages her clients to implement, specifically local based business owners that rely on the local community to be their customers. 






People we’re crushing on …

Marie Forleo

Named by Oprah as a thought leader for the next generation and one of Inc.’s 500 fastest growing companies, Marie’s work helps you build a life you truly love and use your gifts to change the world.

Amy Porterfield

Amy teaches entrepreneurs how to market their business online using Facebook marketing, list building strategies, email marketing techniques and so much more.

Lisa Messenger

Lisa Messenger is the vibrant, game-changing CEO and creative director of The Messenger Group, as well as founder and editor-in-chief of The Collective magazine – an entrepreneurial lifestyle magazine distributed into over 33 countries with a mandate to disrupt, challenge and inspire.

Podcasts & Blogs we’re devouring …

Pat Flynn

Pat is the crash test dummy of online business. Experimenting to find out what works, and what doesn’t online.  He is also the proud owner of, a website dedicated to helping people discover how to do business online and take their existing businesses to the next level.

Mums with Hustle

Mums with Hustle is a weekly podcast and blog for mumpreneurs. Boost your biz with mindset, productivity, marketing & social media strategies.

The Business Experiment

The Business Experiment podcast is the creative genius of two savvy business women; Jemimah Ashleigh, Tangs Design and Shevonne Joyce, Yellow Palomino who decided it was time someone got REAL about what it’s like to be in business – the good, the bad, the ugly – and everything in between.

Tools we use …

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