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Are you looking for the next personal and professional development investment to support you in your business journey?
If you are a multi-passionate and connection driven entrepreneur, my Spiderweb Mastermind is what you might be looking for. Next round goes from October – March.
Unpacking your ideal client and core message following my 5 steps process.

  • We believe we create flow and ease in our journey and business when we work in collaboration rather than competition.
  • We know that by sharing the mental load and embracing the power of the collective, we leverage.
  • We are creative and heart-centred entrepreneurs ready to think outside the box and willing to experiment so we can grow our business in alignment with our values and our own definition of success.


This 4 hours workshop is for you if you are a connection driven entrepreneur running a service based business and wanting to work smarter rather than harder.
Imagine a sense of easily connecting with other entrepreneurs to help you gain support and leverage to move forward. That is part of the value of business collaboration.
In this workshop you learn the foundations of business collaboration, mastermind collaboration ideas for your business and walk away with at least one potential collaboration initiative ready to implement in your business.
Collaboration Workshops are run throughout the year at different locations across Australia.
If you want to co-host a collaboration workshop for your community, your mastermind group, your clients, get in contact with me to discuss what we can co-create. You have the audience, I have the content… when we work together, everybody wins #WinWinWin

Create with Flow Session $147 (90 mins)

The Create with Flow Session if you are a service based business looking for support with:

  • Unpacking your ideal client and core message following my 5 steps process.
  • Unpacking and mapping out your new product / service following my Create with Flow approach.
  • Brainstorming collaboration ideas for your next course of your biz in general and mapping out your strategy.
  • Assessing / Auditing your current business model to ensure it is sustainable and aligned to your zone of expertise and values.
  • Brainstorming and mapping-out what I call “your customer journey” = sales funnel.

You get:
90 mins mentoring session with me for $147
Access to me via FB messenger for 2 weeks after our session for accountability purposes

Business Collaboration Session $97 (60 mins)

The Business Collaboration Session is for you if you are a service based business looking to:

  • Generate more leads for your business with a $0 marketing budget
  • Increase your visibility and exposure in the online world
  • Build your credibility and trust in an authentic way
  • Share your message and products with the right people without needing to do everything on your own
  • Grow your business with ease and flow, feeling supported every step of the way.

This option really works if you have the foundations of business collaboration which is what I teach through experiential learning in my masterminds and online programs.

This session also works if you already have a collaboration idea in mind or are already working with someone on an idea and you would like some guidance and advice about next steps to follow.

You get:
60 mins mentoring session with me for $97

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2018 © Colabora • Terms and Conditions