Wow, I cannot believe this is the very first article/blog I write. I have been thinking about sharing the lessons I have been learning along this journey for quite a while but I guess that as I had not built a website yet, I was using that as an excuse to delay the whole thing, some people call it “procrastination”.

Well, let me tell you something, right at this moment I still do not have a website but I do have some things I think are worth sharing. I went through a self-discovery process myself not very long ago and I thought that sharing with you some of the findings from a research I conducted late last year was a good way to help you start an honest conversation with your inner self.

As part of the research stage of a project I was working on for my new business, I interviewed some female start-ups to find out what were the biggest challenges they have faced or were facing in their entrepreneurial journey and also transitioning from a corporate job to be an entrepreneur. To be honest with you, I was expecting their responses would have things in common but I was really stunned and even touched particularly by a couple of things: their motivation to start a business and the link between their WHY and their resilience.

I hope the following paragraphs prompt you to have an honest conversation with your inner self to make sure you are living a purposeful and fulfilling live. Whether you are working a corporate job or running a business or at home looking after your kids, BE HAPPY because…



The first thing that impressed me about the interviews was to find out in most cases their main motivation to start a business was not really money. Instead, it was about the flexibility it would bring to them and the opportunity to do something they love without needing to sacrifice time with their family. It was good to know I was not alone !

Well, don’t get me wrong, money is really important in life. It is what allows us to pay the bills, keep our lifestyle, pay our mortgage, our holidays, our groceries, pretty much everything. But I think the vision or perception that most people have about money nowadays, is no longer about how much money they get paid to do a particular job, but how much time they get in return. I am pretty sure about that now because all women I interviewed were willing to leave a paid job, step out of their comfort zone and assume the risks and sacrifices that running a business on their own may involve, all that to get more flexibility to be at home when their family needs them and work from anywhere, their own hours.

For someone like me that is in the early stages of their business venture, starting a business does not necessarily means “less hours of work” and neither “more money”(sometimes it actually means the opposite). However, the fact that I have the choice to decide when and where to work from, to me is priceless, especially since I became I mum and MY TIME is not really MINE anymore (laughs)

No wonder why work-life balance and flexible working arrangements are becoming more and more important for big corporations. People are no longer changing jobs because they get paid more but because they are pursuing more flexibility, more benefits, more holidays, more time freedom. I know that by fact as I have worked in the Human Resources field for over 10 years and have seen the shift on employees’ demands and motivations myself.


The second thing that caught my attention was their determination and resilience of the women I interviewed. It really made feel proud to be a woman because when I asked: “how would you feel if this does not work out?”, these were some of their responses:

“grateful for the journey”

“disappointed but would try something else”

“satisfied because at least I tried”

“will see it as an opportunity to reflect about what was done right or wrong”

“the lessons learnt will take me somewhere else”

I believe there is no more to comment about their determination and resilience, their responses speak for themselves. I can only share with you how that made me feel: supported, encouraged, determined, convinced that we can all make it happen, confident that if other women have been brave enough to take the risk, I have no reason not to take it. I know now more than ever before that if we have a strong and clear WHY to do whatever we decide to do, we will find our path to glory and it is not just me saying it, we can definitely get that from what those women shared during the interviews.

I know by experience it is not easy to make the decision to start a new journey on your own and to let yourself jumped into the unknown. But let’s be honest, nothing different really happens until we decide to take action. Harry Truman –an American politician- once said “imperfect action is better than perfect inaction” and I could not agree more.

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